Promomed Group has registered a drug for the treatment of certain types of cancer


Gemcitabine-Promomed, a drug used for the treatment of pancreatic tumors, non-small cell lung cancer, bladder and breast cancer, has received a registration certificate, becoming the ninth drug in the Promomed Group’s cancer portfolio.

The drug is aimed at slowing or stopping malignant cells growth. Once in the body, Gemcitabine forms three metabolites, one after the other, each facilitating the incorporation of the final product into DNA, which ultimately leads to tumor cell growth blocking. The favorable safety profile of Gemcitabine makes it possible to combine the drug with other cytostatics, which in some cases significantly improves treatment outcomes.

The development of a portfolio of cancer drugs and their introduction to the market is an important strategic goal for Promomed Group, the company notes.

Gemcitabine-Promomed will be produced in the form of a lyophilizate for preparation of a concentrate for the preparation of an infusion solution with a dosage of 200 to 1500 mg, which complies with the standard treatment regimens. Like most medicines produced by Promomed Group, this drug is included in the VED list.