The EAEU will form a list of medicines that have to be produced in the Union


The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), together with the competent departments of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), has developed the procedure and criteria for the formation of the list of medicines and pharmaceutical substances that have to be produced in the EAEU. According to the official website of the EEC, the recommendation on the use of this procedure in the formation of the list was approved by the board of the commission.

The document was developed to implement an action plan for the Union states (approved by the heads of government of the member states in November 2021) to increase the level of supply of strategically important medicines and pharmaceutical substances. The production of these must be organized in the EAEU until 2024.

“In addition to the list formation, the plan includes such activities as the organization of joint production of vaccines, the preparation of proposals for financing cooperative projects in the production of medicines and pharmaceutical substances, work on the issues related to customs and tariff regulation measures application, etc.,” the message says.

The Commission has developed an action plan aimed at improving strategically important medicines and pharmaceutical substances supply in the Union states in order to prevent the development of a drug crisis in connection with the coronavirus pandemic and other threats to the EAEU drug supply.

A package of temporary measures to accelerate the introduction of medicines to the market was previously adopted by the EAEU.