Another offset contract for drugs supply in the amount of 8.2 billion rubles was announced by Moscow in early February


At the beginning of February 2023, the Moscow Department for Competition Policy announced a competitive selection procedure for the conclusion of offset contracts for medicines supply with investment commitments for the establishment or modernization of production in the city.

On February 2, a competitive selection procedure was announced with an initial price of 8.2 billion rubles. Applications are accepted until February 20, and the results will be announced on February 27. According to the terms of the competitive selection procedure, the contractor has to invest at least 800 million rubles in the organization of the production of 57 medicines with 43 INNs. It is proposed to establish the production of 15 medicines not included in the Vital and Essential Drugs list. Delivery dates are from the beginning of 2026 to February 2030.

Moscow offers to establish the production of a wide range of drugs, including  antitumor, hormonal, anti-Parkinson drugs, analgesics,  vitamins A and D and combinations, and ophthalmic products. The list also includes botulinum toxin type A hemagglutinin complex and botulinum toxin type A. It should be mentioned that the latter is also used in the aesthetic medicine market.

In 2022, seven registered and the same number of unregistered type A botulinum toxins were in circulation on the Russian market of aesthetic medicine, according to a study by the Analytical Bureau of GxP News. Two more new botulinum toxins A were registered in the same period, but they did not enter the market. Since Allergan withdrew from the Russian market and terminated its botox supplies, the sales Russian botulinum toxins Relatox and Myotox have grown. The market volume is 2.6 million treatments per year, according to GxP News.  According to the neutral scenario, the cosmetology botulinum toxin market will remain stable in the coming years, with about 2.5 million treatments per year.

To recall, in January, three competitive selection procedures were announced for the conclusion of offset contracts for drugs supply. Moscow has already concluded two offset contracts in pharmaceutical sector, with ZAO Biocad and AO R-Pharm. The contracts provide for the localization of production in the city and the subsequent supply of oncological, cardiological, endocrinological, and immunomodulatory drugs. The total investment under the two offset contracts is 8.8 billion rubles, with the delivery volume of 32.4 billion rubles. Biocad already supplies medicines to the city, while R-Pharm is to launch production in early 2023.