Promomed Group has registered a drug for the treatment of blood cancer and bone marrow cancer


Promomed Group’s antitumor drug based on bortezomib has received a registration certificate. It is used in the treatment of multiple myeloma, and is also prescribed to patients with mantle cell lymphoma who have a progression of the disease after several courses of treatment, Promomed’s press service reported.

The drug is based on modified boric acid. Bortezomib causes internal dysfunction in a large number of types of tumor cells, resulting in retardation of neoplasm growth.

The antitumor medicine included in the list of VED will be produced in the form of a lyophilizate for the preparation of a solution for intravenous and subcutaneous administration in dosages from 2.5 to 3.5 mg.

Also at the beginning of 2023, Promomed Group received an invention patent for Areplivir (favipiravir), a COVID-19 therapy in three different forms for parenteral administration: lyophilizate, concentrate, and powder.