The State Duma proposes to label veterinary medicines in the same way as drugs for human use


Veterinary medicines in Russia should be labeled in the same way as drugs for human use. This opinion was expressed on Friday at the session of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum by State Duma Deputy Sergei Lisovsky.

“We have serious issues with veterinary drugs. Especially now, when bona fide manufacturers, including foreign ones,  have limited access to the market due to the current international situation. And here, of course, it is necessary to put things in order, as it has been done in the pharma system. We see how effective labeling is. We suggest that our veterinary products and veterinary medicines should also be labeled within the system,” he said.

Earlier, veterinary drug manufacturers developed a project that introduces the concept of “shortage” into the industry. They also propose to create a list of important drugs for which a risk of deficiency exists. Batches of such drugs can be imported in foreign packaging, and they are also exempt from a number of other regulatory requirements.