The funding for scientific research in Russia is set to soar to 500 million rubles


After the momentous gathering with esteemed scientists and the enlightening plenary session at the Future Technologies Forum held in July 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin has endorsed an array of instructions. Among other things, he demanded to increase to 500 million rubles the maximum amount of government grants for state support of scientific research. In addition, the task was to determine the vectors for the development and use of modern technologies in medicine, including biomedical technologies and neurotechnologies.

He meant scientific research conducted under the guidance of leading scientists in Russian universities, scientific institutions and state scientific centers of the country. Russian scientists have been granted an opportunity to receive a maximum of 500 million rubles in grants, while their foreign counterparts may receive up to 250 million rubles.T he government also needs to provide for the possibility of conducting scientific research using grant funds for five years and extending this period. The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin was appointed responsible, the deadline is mid-October 2023.