Number of people receiving high-tech medical care in Russia increased 17 times since 2000


Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova spoke about this at the International Exhibition and Forum “Russia”. These are achievements in reducing mortality rates from cardiovascular diseases, which were reduced by 33% through the implementation of national projects and targeted programs. No less remarkable is the achievement of reducing mortality from road accidents since 2000, which was successfully reduced by 2% by 4 times.

“In 2000, only 92 thousand of our citizens could receive high-tech or, as it was previously called, expensive medical care. Now, in 2022, this is already more than 1.4 million [people], and in 2023 – almost 1.6 million,” she said. “Infant mortality has decreased by 3.5 times. In 2012, when Russia switched to new criteria for live births, it learned to care for the smallest [children] – 500 grams. We were told that we wouldn’t succeed, but we did it, and all thanks to our doctors,” she added.