Pharmasyntez released the first batch of nootropic drug “Nooredit”

 Pharmasyntez Group of Companies has released the first batch of the drug Nooredit. The drug was registered in the Russian Federation in August 2023 and is now conveniently accessible in a 100 mg dosage. It is planned to release the second batch of the drug with a volume of 40,000 packages in December 2023.
Nooredit” contains the active ingredient phenylpiracetam, which is a drug used for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The drug is produced on the basis of the Irkutsk enterprise of the Pharmasyntez Group of Companies. The granulation section of the workshop for sterile and solid dosage forms is equipped with state-of-the-art Swiss equipment. All products are manufactured meticulously following the stringent GMP standards.
Nooredit has become the second nootropic in the Pharmasyntez line: since 2022, the company has been producing the nootropic drug Nooaktiv, used for ischemic stroke, traumatic brain injury, and cognitive impairment.