Sotex’s products received the “Product of the Year” award

The XXV solemn ceremony of awarding the national award “Product of the Year” took place on November 22. The awards were given to recognized leaders in the consumer market, including Sotex products. This year, the “Product of the Year 2023” award was awarded to two of the company’s products.
“AnviMax,” the anti-cold medication, has been honored as the Consumer Confidence Product of the Year in the Drugs for the Treatment of Respiratory Diseases category. Specifically designed to alleviate symptoms of colds and acute respiratory infections, this Russian-made drug was presented with an esteemed award by Yulia Nechaeva, Director of Strategic Research at DSM Group.
The second statuette went to the drug “Ismigen” in the category “Rapidly emerging brand for adults and children ages three and above, used for treating respiratory tract infections, from an international manufacturer.”Ismigen is a partner product of the Swiss company Lallemand, which is promoted by Sotex in Russia.