Moscow’s medicine and medical product production rose by 40.3%

At the end of 2023, the production of medicines and medical devices in Moscow increased 1.4 times (40.3% more than in 2022). The capital has established a pharmaceutical cluster comprising 11 companies, with eight already in operation, aimed at driving the industry’s growth more effectively. According to the city mayor’s website, once they reach full capacity, all these enterprises will produce drugs under 128 INN.
According to Moscow Vice-Mayor Vladimir Efimov, in total there are about 200 manufacturers of drugs and medical products in the capital, and these companies employ over 15 thousand people. “Moscow is one of the leading centers for the development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry. <…> At the end of 2023, enterprises produced 1.4 times more products than in 2022,” the official noted.
According to the capital’s Department of Investment and Industrial Policy, at the end of last year the volume of production of anticancer drugs increased 1.2 times – then almost 2.8 million packages were produced. We also produced 1.3 million packages of drugs for the treatment of the respiratory system, which is three times higher than in 2022.
“The city provides support to the capital’s industries in the face of growing demand. For example, last year we signed four offset contracts in the pharmaceutical sector. It is expected that the first deliveries will begin in 2025-2026,” the publication says.