Putin Emphasizes the Importance of Supporting Domestic Scientific Equipment Manufacturers

During a recent Council for Science and Education meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized the significance of creating a nurturing environment that encourages the growth and success of local manufacturers of scientific equipment. He emphasized that Russian companies are not just struggling with the expensive prices of Western devices, but also with the more affordable prices of Asian competitors.
Putin emphasized the importance of establishing suitable conditions to foster the growth of Russian production, ensuring that our manufacturers thrive in the market. He pointed out that past decisions to prioritize foreign suppliers were made to ensure the market had essential equipment, but now it’s necessary to update the regulations.
Putin has also given his support to the idea of putting an additional tax on imported equipment, with the resulting funds being used to further the development of domestic instrument manufacturing. He emphasized that various options are possible, but it is important to make decisions promptly so as not to slow down the process of developing the domestic scientific industry.