The government announced the launch of remote business inspections

The use of a risk-based approach when conducting business inspections has led to an increase in their efficiency. The Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Chief of Staff Dmitry Grigorenko, announced this during a meeting with the leadership of control and supervisory authorities to enhance the effectiveness of control and supervision. In 2024, a new mechanism for remote inspections in the field of control and supervision will be introduced through the special mobile application “Mobile Inspector.” This initiative will involve Roszdravnadzor, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and Rostechnadzor. It allows conducting a control event via video communication.
In particular, in 2023, the effectiveness of inspections based on risk indicators was 89%. Business control was primarily enforced when there was a threat to the well-being or possessions of individuals. For comparison: the average effectiveness of checks on other grounds is 52%.
It was noted that while the quality of control activities has improved, their number has been decreasing. In 2023, 353 thousand inspections were carried out. This is almost five times less compared to 2019.
In addition, the plan for control activities for the current year is at a record low. It includes 48 thousand inspections, which is 1.8 times lower than the volume planned for 2023, and 2.5 times less than the same figure for 2022.
At the meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister emphasized the crucial role of the control and supervision reform in preventing violations. In 2023, the number of preventive visits exceeded inspections by threefold, totaling over 1.1 million. Business stakeholders have the opportunity to assess preventive visits via their personal account on the government services portal.