The financing of measures to combat hepatitis C has been included in the state healthcare development program.

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Mishustin, has signed Resolution No. 407 on April 1, 2024, amending Resolution No. 1640 issued by the Russian Government on December 26, 2017. This amendment now includes funding for measures to combat hepatitis C in the state health care development program. The resolution has been officially published on the legal acts portal.
The criteria for selecting subjects of the Russian Federation to provide a subsidy is the presence in the region of medical organizations that provide care to patients with hepatitis C, as well as the patients themselves with this diagnosis. In addition, the region must be a participant in the state program, which includes measures for outpatient provision of drugs against hepatitis C.
The innovations set out in the resolution were initially proposed by the Ministry of Health in the corresponding bill. As stated in the explanatory note to the project, the total number of patients with chronic hepatitis C in Russia is about 700 thousand.
At the beginning of 2024, at one of the public events, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a statement that by the end of the decade, the incidence of hepatitis C should be reduced to a minimum. This goal is pursued by a special program, the implementation of which began in 2023.