Pharmaceutical complex for 200 employment to be built in Moscow


In the south-west of Moscow, in Area of Cheryomushki, it is planned to build a pharmaceutical complex with an area of ​ ​ 3.7 thousand square meters, according to the Moscow mayor official website. The company plans to create about 200 employment.

The proper construction permit has already been received. It allows the developer to start work and is valid until 2022.

“After the developer submits a notice of the start of work, a schedule of pharmaceutical complex inspections will be drawn up. Specialists of the Center of Expertise will be involved in them, who will perform a complex of laboratory and instrumental studies of the work quality. The committee will establish control over the compliance of builders with anti-epidemic requirements”, said Oleg Antosenko, Mosgosstroynadzor Chairman.

The object will be erected on the territory of the industrial zone: it will be located in Scientific Passage, next to possession 6. The three-story building will be intended for veterinary and pharmaceutical production. The adjacent territory will be landscaped: they will create driveways, footpaths and recreation areas with benches, as well as plant shrubs.