PIK-PHARMA launches to the Russian market a new original drug for the epilepsy treatment


PIK-PHARMA launches a new original drug for the epilepsy treatment – Dibufelon (phenosanoic acid) in capsules of 200 mg, the company said.

The first batch of the drug has already entered the retail pharmacy chain.

“Dibufelon” is registered in Russia (RU No. LP-005332) as a combination therapy for patients with partial epileptic attacks with or without secondary generalization.

Key and difficult to solve problems in epileptology are: the lack of etiotropic agents that affect the occurrence of epileptogenic foci, as well as pharmacoresistency – tolerance or resistance of the disease to drugs, making doctors powerless in pharmacotherapy of epilepsy.

In the doctor’s arsenal of neurologists-epileptologists, anticonvulsants are in use, the purpose of which is to reduce the frequency of attacks and increase the inter-approach intervals.

As part of the complex epilepsy therapy, the use of antioxidants and neuroprotectors is justified, which contribute to increasing the viability of neurons and neuronal plasticity, as well as regulating the metabolic activity of neurons. Such drugs include the new Russian antiepileptic drug Dibufelon. During preclinical and clinical studies, it was found that, being an antioxidant, Dibufelon, in addition to anticonvulsant, has a neuroprotective effect. It is these properties of the drug that allow us to expect in clinical practice a procognitive and antiasthenic effect, an improvement in the well-being of these patients, as well as an increase in the effectiveness and safety of comprehensive epilepsy therapy.

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