The first mass production of bilateral needles with an imaging camera will appear in Russia


The Industrial Development Fund borrower (IDF, under the management of VEB. RF) – “Granat Bio Teh” – launched in Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia’s first mass production of a full cycle of bilateral needles with an imaging camera for venous blood sampling, reports IDF. The imports share of such needles in the future will decrease to 50%.

Bilateral needles with an imaging chamber for taking venous blood are part of a system consisting of a vacuum tube, a holder and a bilateral needle. New capacities allow you to produce 80 million needles per year.

According to the company, there was still no production of needles with full-cycle imaging cameras in Russia. Domestic demand for these products is met through supplies from China, the USA and EU countries.

In June 2019, IDF provided Granat Bio Teh with a preferential loan under the Components program in the amount of 389 million rubles for the purchase of modern equipment. The total budget of the project for a new production amounted to 487 million rubles.

The imaging camera on the needle helps the medical staff correctly determine the moment the needle enters the patient’s vein, reducing possible painful sensations, the formation of hematomas and injuries. The design of the needles is indiscriminate, which eliminates the possible disconnection of the element and infection of medical workers during blood collection.

The company will supply needles directly and through distributors to clinical diagnostic laboratories, blood transfusion stations and other medical institutions involved in blood collection, storage, transportation and research.