Binnopharm Group plans to produce anemia medicines at the Zelenograd plant


Binnofarm Group Holding launches at the Zelenograd plant the production of Binnoferum solution for the fight against iron deficiency and the treatment of anemia, which is included from the list of VMED, the company reports. The capacity of the site allows to produce up to 60 million ampoules per year.

“We are actively working on the development of Binnopharm Group’s targeted product portfolio and in the next few years we plan to launch more than a hundred sought-after medicines into production”, said Rustem Muratov, CEO of Binnopharm Group. – The volume of the Russian tender segment of iron deficiency drugs according to various analytical data exceeded 1 billion rubles in 2020, while in the past few years it has grown by an average of about 10% per year. Moreover, iron deficiency drugs are socially significant. ”

“Binnoferum” is an iron-sucrose complex for intravenous administration with a set of necessary elements for normalizing hematopoiesis and filling iron deficiency in the human body. During the course of taking the drug, patients should form a controlled source of iron for the proteins responsible for transmitting and storing iron in the body (transferrin and ferritin, respectively).

The Binnofarm Group pharmaceutical holding combines five production sites located in different regions of Russia: Alium in the Serpukhov district of the Moscow region, Binnofarmin Zelenograd and Krasnogorsk, Synthesis in Kurgan, Biocom in Stavropol. The holding was formed in 2020 as a result of the consolidation of stakes in the pharmaceutical assets of AFK Sistema.