Russia and WHO discussed the inclusion of Satellite V in the list of means for use in emergency situations


Russia Health Minister Mikhail Murashko and Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adanom Gebreisus during a telephone call discussed the consideration by the international organization of an application for the inclusion of the Russian Satellite V vaccine in the WHO list of medicines for use in emergency situations, the agency said.

During the conversation, the topics of countering the spread of a new coronavirus infection were discussed, including vaccination of the population, strengthening public health and increasing the availability of medical care.

“To date, the Sputnik V vaccine has already received millions of citizens. The vaccine forms resistant antibody and cellular immunity to the COVID-19 pathogen and has no serious side effects. The vaccine has essentially become a world bestseller, “said Murashko.

The head of WHO noted that at the moment the organization’s efforts are focused on countering the spread of new COVID-19. The key measures to limit the spread of new coronavirus infection, according to the WHO position, are social distancing measures and vaccination of the population.

The head of the Ministry of Health presented the efforts of the Russian Federation to combat a new coronavirus infection, including the national campaign to vaccinate the population that began in January 2021

A separate topic was the discussion of projects developed by the Ministry of Health of Russia to strengthen the health of Russians and increase the availability of medical care. The Director General of WHO praised the efforts of the Russian Federation to introduce digital technologies into the medical care system.