Mass media’s reports on Russia’s running out of reagents for medical tests


Russia is running out of laboratory tests components. Currently, the country is facing a shortage of reagents for DNA sequencing and analysis from Therma, Agilent, New England Biolabs and Promega, Abbott blood clotting tests, reagents for German DiaSys analyzers (for express testing), BD’s products for qualitative blood tests for bacteria and yeast, and Axygen laboratory plastic. This was reported by Vedomosti.

Aktion Meditsina conducted a survey among employees of public and private clinical and biological laboratories. 63.1% of the participants are not satisfied with the current situation in the market.

49.2% of respondents reported interruptions in supplies, whereas 20% stated that they were no longer receiving them at all. The company also interviewed managers, laboratory doctors, biologists, technologists, laboratory assistants, nursing staff, chief physicians and procurement specialists of medical organizations.

According to 88.5% of respondents, more than half of the equipment used in laboratories is foreign-made. Almost a third of the study participants estimated the share of foreign products in the equipment they use from 70% to 90%, and nearly a half stated that more than 90% is imported.

Among the companies that have ceased supplying the reagents, experts list, among others, Radiometer, Thermo Fisher, Beckman Coulter, and Immucor.

Russia expects to establish new supplies from China, Japan, and South Korea.

As it became known earlier, Russia is probably going to experience a shortage of molecular allergy tests.