The Ministry of Health of Russia announced that most of the vaccines have been procured


According to the press service of Russia’s Ministry of Health, most of the vaccines required to support the national calendar of preventive vaccinations have already been purchased this year.

“In 2022, the Federal Center for Planning and Organization of Medical Support of the Ministry of Health has already purchased most of the immunobiological medicines to fully support the national calendar of preventive vaccinations, including vaccination against polio, diphtheria, and tetanus,” Interfax quotes the press service of the ministry as saying.

The stocks of pentavalent vaccine and pneumococcal vaccine in the Russian regions are now enough for 4.5 months. If necessary, they will be redistributed among the regions to meet the demand.

“No auctions for the supply of pentavalent vaccine and pneumococcal vaccine are currently announced, including in connection with re-registration of the maximum selling price initiated by the manufacturers of these vaccines,”  the Ministry of Health added.

Earlier, the Kommersant newspaper reported that in April and May governmental customers were unable to purchase some foreign vaccines, including those for the prevention of polio, diphtheria, tetanus, and pneumococcal infection. According to the publication, vaccine manufacturers and their Russian partners refused to participate in auctions, since the supply of drugs is unprofitable even at the maximum purchase price due to currency fluctuations and the rising logistics costs.

As it became known earlier, Russia now has prototypes of vaccines against plague and anthrax.