Rustem Muratov: “The costs of replacing the shell of solid dosage forms in one pharmaceutical company will amount to 150 million rubles”


The transition to a new supplier of shells for solid dosage forms may take six months and will cost 150 million rubles. Such assessments were made at the XXIX Russian Pharmaceutical Forum named after N. A. Semashko by Rustem Muratov, CEO of Binnopharm Group (part of AFK Sistema).

“Now the shell is supplied by an English company. If it is necessary to replace it, then the use of the classical path in legislation means that our company will spend 150 million rubles,” Muratov said in his speech about the possible impact of sanctions on the pharmaceutical industry.

He estimates the cost of replacing the shell for all solid dosage forms on the market at several billion rubles.

Earlier, Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers reported difficulties with the supply of excipients.

There also may occur a shortage of molecular allergy tests in Russia.

As it became known at the end of April, Binnopharm Group’s revenue from sales abroad doubled in the first quarter. Binnopharm Group and ZAOOKhFK are launching full-cycle production of molnupiravir.