The Ministry of Health has registered a domestic vaccine against smallpox


Orthopoxvac, a domestically developed vaccine against smallpox, has been registered by the Ministry of Health of Russia. The information on the fact was published in the State Register of Medicines.

“Orthopoxvac is a vaccine for the prevention of smallpox and other orthopoxvirus infections based on the smallpox vaccine virus live culture. The date of state registration is 11.11.2022,” the register says.

According to the leaflet to the vaccine, the drug is indicated for the prevention of smallpox in persons aged 18 to 60 years,  and vaccination of persons at risk of contracting smallpox or other orthopoxvirus infections  (those who work with pox vaccine virus and pox viruses of animals, persons living in areas with a high incidence of orthopoxvirus infections, persons intending to travel to such regions, and those who had contacts in the foci). Vaccination during pregnancy is not recommended.

In May this year, Vector Scientific Center of Rospotrebnadzor applied to the Ministry of Health of Russia for registration of Orthopoxvac,  a fourth-generation pox vaccine developed on the basis of a weakened live smallpox vaccine virus.