Olympus remains on the Russian market despite the sanctions imposed by the Japanese government


Olympus, a medical equipment supplier, has received official confirmation from the corporate headquarters that the new package of sanctions will not affect the further conduct of the medical business of its Russian division in the Russian Federation.

On January 27, Japan imposed a new package of sanctions, which includes a ban on the exports of radioactive materials, vaccines, medical goods and robots to Russia. In total, there are more than 80 items in the list of restrictive measures that come into force on February 3.

The bans include medical devices, various chemicals, including tear gas, fingerprint powder, etc. Nevertheless, it follows from the message that restrictions on the export of medical devices, equipment and vaccine components to Russia concern only military products.

The Moscow office of Olympus reported that the company’s headquarters in Tokyo allowed the Russian representative office to continue its activities in Russia, and also added that the new package of sanctions will not affect the company’s further medical business in the country.

“Olympus, as a global company in medtech, continues to be responsible for providing civil society with essential medical equipment so that people’s health is not put at risk,” the company said in its statement.