500 million rubles will be allocated by the state for the development of standard samples


The Agency for Technological Development will receive a grant in the amount of 500 million rubles for the development of standard samples that are used to control the quality of medicines, TASS reports.

“By the end of 2022, 83 standard samples were registered under the program. For 2023, the agency has been allocated 500 million rubles from the federal budget for the same purpose,” Vladimir Pastukhov, the organization’s CEO, told reporters. Funds are provided to the winners of the competitive selection. The task of the contractor is to develop standard samples, prepare technical documentation for them, and have them registered. In 2022, two competitive selection procedures were held. The winners were  the State Institute of Medicines and Good Practices, The Moscow Endocrine Plant, and  The Research Center for the Expert Examination of Medical Devices.

The subsidy program was launched in 2022. The measure is dictated by declining supplies of standard samples to the Russian Federation from abroad; some items are no longer supplied at all. In this regard, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation proposed to start the Russian register of pharmacopoeia reference samples. Now manufacturers have to perform quality control with the use foreign samples from their previously formed stocks.