Uralbiopharm asks the authorities to raise prices for VED listed drugs


Uralbiopharm has asked the authorities to increase the prices for VED-listed medicines. The cost of most of the drugs is higher than the maximum prices set by the state, and, therefore, the company is forced to discontinue the manufacturing of some products, Marina Chizhova, chief technologist of Uralbiopharma, told RBC.

She proposed to index drug prices based on the inflation level once a year. She also believes that a possible way out of the situation could be the replacement of the drug’s composition, manufacturing technology or presentation of the drug with its subsequent registration as a new product.

In 2022, the company stopped paracetamol production as the cost of raw materials doubled, and packaging went up in price by one and a half times. As an aside, in 2016, Uralbiopharma’s paracetamol excited Roszdravnadzor’s suspicion due to wire found in tablets.