Geropharm begins a clinical trial of the first Russian insulin with a weekly profile

The Russian Ministry of Health has granted Geropharm permission to initiate the first phase of clinical trials for a long-acting insulin with a weekly profile, offering a once-a-week dosing option. This groundbreaking study, set to commence in June 2024, will involve 90 diabetic volunteers and will be conducted at Russia’s premier research facilities, including the National Medical Research Center of Endocrinology and Clinical Hospital No. 3 in the Yaroslavl region.
The average period for conducting a full cycle of clinical trials of original drugs is five to seven years, said the company’s general director, Petr Rodionov. “Understanding the social significance of the new drug and the growing need for it in the domestic healthcare system, Geropharm plans to complete the clinical program within five years in accordance with high quality standards,” he added.